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Revisionist History

June 24th, 2003 · No Comments

So the retro-justification for the war du jour is that all the mass graves we’re finding show that Saddam was so very, very awful that he needed to be deposed, WMDs or no WMDs. Putting aside, just for a moment, the salient question of whether lying about the reason for a war is pretty awful, even if the real reason is a good one, does anyone really buy this? The mass graves… who’s in those? I’ll bet lots are the Kurds he gassed in ’88… with our support. And the Shias he slaughtered after the Gulf War… when we encouraged them to rise up and then refused to help. The argument for intervening at the time was one thing. But it’s just really freakin’ weird to see people saying that the invasion is justified now because we’ve found the bodies of people we knew he was killing a decade ago, at which time we didn’t do anything about it.

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