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More Fresh Scoops from the New York Times

February 11th, 2012 · 5 Comments

“Traveling Light in a Time of Digital Thievery,” Nicole Perlroth, New York Times 2/10/12: When Kenneth G. Lieberthal, a China expert at the Brookings Institution, travels to that country, he follows a routine that seems straight from a spy film. He leaves his cellphone and laptop at home and instead brings “loaner” devices, which he […]

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“Hypocrisy” and Government Largesse (A One-Act Play)

September 23rd, 2011 · 7 Comments

Scene: Friday evening, 9 p.m., a group of friends are gathered around a living room table for poker night. Harry: OK, folks, snack time. I’m thinking we should order a couple pies from that new gourmet pizza place. Darrell: What, Mama Solyndra’s? That place is so overpriced! Let’s just go with some chips and salsa […]

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Public Opinion and Presumption

September 12th, 2011 · 6 Comments

Gallup reports a record high number of respondents telling pollsters they “approve” of marriages between blacks and whites. In one sense, this is obviously great news, but something about the question itself bothered me. In part, it was that the framing still embeds the assumption that “marriages between blacks and whites,” a term that encompasses […]

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Why We Need (Openly) Gay Muppets

August 12th, 2011 · 65 Comments

The makers of Sesame Street released the following message today, in response to a Facebook petition that had called for Bert and Ernie to finally come out and get married: Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from […]

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Quick Thoughts on Google Plus

July 1st, 2011 · 29 Comments

(1) One of my first thoughts upon getting my hands on an iPad was: “You know, once they get a camera in this thing and come up with a well-tailored group video chat client, this could really change the way people socialize.” At present, in-person, face-to-face socialization and digital communication with people not present are […]

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All Work and No Play?

June 15th, 2011 · 4 Comments

Yesterday over at Cato, I poked some fun at an ill-conceived boycott of the Huffington Post, which has committed the sin of (a) making money and (b) inviting an assortment of people to voluntarily contribute unpaid blog posts. Matt Yglesisas wrote a rather less snarky post similarly defending the practice, prompting a response from Erik […]

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The Range of Conspiracy Theories

May 9th, 2011 · 8 Comments

Our politics has gotten so crazy lately that we seem to have developed a standard form for designating conspiracy theories, just as we mechanically append -Gate to the scandal du jour: the “-er” suffix. You know, “Truther,” “Birther,” and now (for those who suspect Osama bin Laden may still be alive) “Deather.” I wonder whether […]

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The Voldemort Effect

January 13th, 2011 · 29 Comments

In the Harry Potter books, the titular boy wizard is the subject of a mystical prophecy, destined to come into mortal conflict with the evil Lord Voldemort—and perhaps even capable of vanquishing him. But there’s a wrinkle: One of Harry’s classmates, Neville Longbottom, also fits most of the prophecy’s description: born at the end of […]

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Earworm: Wikileaks Edition

December 8th, 2010 · 3 Comments

Some of the lyrics to Blur’s “Pressure on Julian” are eerily appropriate to this week’s big story:

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Intellectual Honesty

September 13th, 2010 · 59 Comments

Yglesias wonders why “intellectual honesty” is any different from plain-old honesty. Noah Millman gets at the difference as I’d understood it: “Intellectually honest” means you make arguments you think are true, as opposed to making the arguments you are “supposed” to make and/or avoiding making arguments that you think are true that you aren’t “supposed” […]

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