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Yes, I’m Alive…

November 7th, 2008 · 1 Comment

I”ve just been channeling my blogging Chi into the newborn Law & Disorder. Here’s what I’ve been doing there, in case (for some crazy reason) it’s not in your feed yet:

More presidential cabinet speculation porn

A galaxy of tech stars are being named as possible candidates for Chief Technology Officer in the Obama administration. Here are three reasons it may not be any of them.

It’s an ill Lind that blows no minds

Michael Lind glimpses a “Fourth Republic” on the horizon, driven by technological change—but seems oddly determined to ignore the Internet.

Setec Astronomy

Will an Obama White House revisit classification policy?

When You Sleep

Ars Technica’s morning politics and policy link roundup.

House of Waxman?

Waxman makes a play for powerful committee chairmanship, with responsibility for a slew of tech issues.

Wait, didn’t we just HAVE an election?

Previewing election tech for 2012.


A major conservative site launches “Operation Leper” to track Palin trashers.

When You Sleep (Inaugural Edition)

Ars Technica’s morning links roundup.

You’ll be Czarry!

Wayne Crews at the Competitive Enterprise Institute makes the case against Obama’s proposal to create a cabinet-level Chief Technology Officer.

Giving “partisan hacks” a whole new meaning

McCain and Obama hacked by a “foreign entity.”

Reading the server log entrails

Sure, we’ve got polls and prediction markets by the score, but did Web hits augur last night’s outcome as well? The Compete blog compares traffic to the candidates’ official sites over the past six months.

Liveblogging Election ’08

Law & Disorder will be liveblogging the results as they roll in, from the first exit poll frenzy to the last hanging chad.

Reading is detrimental

Would clickwrap contracts even be offered if companies expected people to read them? And if not, how seriously should courts take them?

Yo, Pep, I don’t think they’re gonna play this on the radio

Early reports from this morning’s Supreme Court hearings on the FCC’s “fleeting expletives” rule don’t sound so hot for fans of the F-bomb.

Laugh about it, shout about it, when you’ve got to choose

Introducing Law & Disorder.

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    Yes i am alive after facing a lot of things in my life like break up,struggling for finding a job and a lot other.