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MagRack: I’sa Sho ‘Nuff Like Me Some Weekly Standard!

November 4th, 2006 · No Comments

Readers of The Weekly Standard will be familiar with its back-of-the-book “Parody” page (always prominently so labeled so you know it’s meant to be funny), which in their October 30 issue consisted of “Kids’ Letters to Barack Obama.” My eyes bulged ever so slightly at this knee-slapper:

Dear Senator Obama,
I’m a student here at Harvard and my mama tells me there ain’t no way a person of color be treated fair in Amerika even if they go to Harvard and [stuff]. You cool with that?
Cambridge, Massachusetts

FYI to Bill Kristol: Affirmative action notwithstanding, my sense is that very few Harvard students of any race speak and write like minstrel-show extras.

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