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Swimming to Manhattan

January 13th, 2004 · No Comments

Lane reveals in comments below that the brilliant-but-neurotic Spalding Gray has gone missing.

I hope he’s OK. I remember the first time I encountered Gray: It was late at night when I was in high school and, channel surfing, I chanced across Monster in a Box on Bravo. Like most of his pieces, it was just Spalding sitting behind a desk talking, and I was immediatey transfixed. I stopped whatever I was doing and gave it my whole attention for the remaining hour. The next day, I went out and found a copy of Swimming to Cambodia, still my favorite of his monologues. Gray’s work proves that one smart guy telling stories can still make a more interesting, more entertaining, funnier movie that a gaggle of A-list celebs with a hundred million dollar budget. Go rent something of his tonight. And keep your fingers crossed.

Addendum: Via PJ in the comments, I learn that SG also had a (cough) part (cough) in Little Orphan Dusty.

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