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May 27th, 2003 · No Comments

This New York Times Magazine article gets the prize for the worst neologism of a week, but does prompt a thought… aside from what I’m going to guess is a too-sanguine attitude towards our current military interventionism, what exactly separates these guys from libertarians? More generally, I get the impression that young “conservatives” who aren’t hyperreligious tend not to be in favor of jailing dope smokers, depriving gay people of basic rights, censoring “lewd” or “blasphemous” art, or a number of other social hobbyhorses of conservatives. If anything, the unifying theme for these guys seems to be a reaction against precisely those aspects of the left-orthodoxy on American campuses that rub libertarians the wrong way. So am I missing something, or are these folks just libs who don’t know it yet?

Update: I never in my life believed I’d type these words, but Jonah Goldberg is on point about the piece.

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