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May 21st, 2003 · No Comments

There was an old McDonalds commercial that always annoyed me, as a vegetarian. We see Ronald McDonald in a grove of hamburger trees, plucking a Big Mac from a nearby branch. It bugged me because it concealed the ugly reality of how that little meatpuck found its way into those (at the time) styrofoam containers. But maybe the ad folks at McDonald’s were just prophets…

Something about this screams “hoax,” but according to this report, scientists have developed a way to grow meat on trees. If this is legit, I suppose the question now is whether it’s worth the trouble of deprogramming myself enough to eat it. I used to like meat well enough, but after eleven-and-change years abstaining, I’ve got a Pavolvian aversion to the stuff. That and I’m not sure I could easily digest it anymore.

Courtesy of P.J. Doland.

Update: Yeah, as I figured, it’s a gag… guess I should’ve checked it out first, but it was too entertaining to resist posting…

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