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How K-Lo Can You Go?

March 30th, 2003 · No Comments

I swear, I thought that I was well past the point when anything excreted from the keyboard of NRO’s village idiot could surprise me anymore, but I’d clearly underestimated her, as she proves here

PETER ARNETT [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
MSNBC just lost a whole bunch of viewers: Peter Arnett praised the ministry of disinformation, among other things, on Saddam TV.

and here:

Yikes. FNC is showing parts of the Arnett interview (I just caught a gliimpse.) This was not a professional courtesy. This was a chance to be anti-American and be the subject of the news. Of course, we’ll make sure he is!

Words fail me. The story she links to all but screams what’s actually going on—as if it were necessary to spell it out—with that euphemistic reference to “professional courtesy” and a reminder that Arnett is one of the last western journalists (allowed to be) reporting from Baghdad. And how is this interpreted? Anti-Americanism and a desire for attention. Right. Because as a reporter for MSNBC, he just can’t get on TV any other way. Seriously, though, you can certainly raise questions about the journalistic ethics of the tradeoff he’s chosen to make, but to not even recognize what’s happening… well, that takes a special sort of mind.

Funny thing is, the rest of the Cornerites appear to recognize K-Lo’s relative lack of redeeming qualities, barring, I suppose, her evidently ample free time. Someone like Derbyshire may be repugnant, but he’s at least pretty erudite, and even Goldberg gives the impression of being a lightweight more out of laziness than incapacity. And they all seem to regard K-Lo with the sort of bemused condescension they might show towards that one “slow” cousin at the family reunion. So what’s up with that… whose niece is she?

Incidentally, if you’re in the mood for a few mean spirited belly laughs (have you noticed I’m feeling snarky tonight?) try a couple of K-Lo’s greatest hits, here, here, and my personal favorite, the 10th grade remedial English book report found here.

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