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Scumbag: The Sequel

September 26th, 2002 · No Comments

A few months back, I blogged about world-class sleaze Trever Palmer, a kid who just couldn’t get over what an incredible hero he was for turning his father in to the police. Dad’s crime? Growing a few pot plants, which helped relieve his arthritis. This interview with Trever’s dad, courtesy of reader Michael Yuri, reveals that it’s even worse than I’d thought. Apparently, sonny boy instigated Dad’s arrest because he didn’t want to move to California. Oh, and the courageous Trever, who called the cops instead of confronting his dad about any objections he might have had, chose to move in with his father, rather than his mother, knowing full well that dad smoked. The rest of the world seems to be treating this brat like the hero he believes he is. I just hope his name is remembered when he goes off to college or what have you, so that his peers can treat him like a fugitive Nazi.

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