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Whee! I am DSL boy!

June 25th, 2002 · No Comments

Whee! I am DSL boy! Taste my joy! It almost makes me wish I hadn’t summoned the voodoo loa Zaraguin to inject leprosy and napalm into the testicles of Verizon‘s CEO. Almost.

In other news, I saw Minority Report this weekend, and am glad to see Spielberg back on form. Phillip K. Dick stories tend to become either truly awful (Screamers, Impostor) or truly fantastic (Total Recall, Blade Runner) sci-fi movies, and this one fell on the right side of that bi-modal distribution. But I must agree with John’s quibble. Any half-competent company, when they fire an employee, will disable his passwords and keycards and all that sort of thing. But apparently, the D.C. government in 2054 not only doesn’t think to disable the eyescanner access of their suspected-killer-gone-fugitive ex-chief, but once he exploits that glaring oversight once, they still don’t fix it… at the prison where he’s being held. I mean, it is D.C. government but c’mon now…

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