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Looks like there is, in

June 15th, 2002 · No Comments

Looks like there is, in fact, a computer room at the IHS Workshop. What’s more, the dorms we’re staying in appear to have ethernet jacks in the room. Which means all I need to do is find an ethernet cable (I foolishly neglected to bring mine), and I can hook my laptop up there. Sweeet. Ironically, that’ll be the first high-speed access I’ve had somewhere I’m living since I left the NY Metro are.

Also, I’m psyched to pick the brain of John Tomasi, whose book Liberalism Beyond Justice I ended up citing a good deal in my senior philosophy thesis on Rawls’s Political Liberalism. Which, in case you care, I will put up in the Essays section of the site when I’ve finally cleaned it up to my satisfaction. And HTMLized the footnotes.

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