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Greetings from Prague, O my

March 21st, 2002 · No Comments

Greetings from Prague, O my Brothers! Your humble narrator flew out of Madrid yesterday and, as you can viddy by my slovos, finally had a chance to read A Clockwork Orange. After a stop in Frankfurt, where I found myself having a drink with an Iranian engineer, to whom I apologized for my obnoxious country, I landed in the early evening and phoned up Radovan. He, being a right horrorshow veck (sorry, I’ll stop now) graciously came to get me at the airport, and drove me to where Im staying. Which, ironically enough, is a Baptist theological seminary. Fortunately, there was no auto-da-fe required to book a room, and it´s a cheap hotel on gorgeous grounds. Afterwards, we went out for drinks, and traded geeky libertarian movement gossip. Apparently, Tibor Machan shares my love of shaking one´s groove thang on the dance floor…

Anyway, Ive spent most of this afternoon wandering the city, and thumbing through a Lonely Planet guide like a green tourist. Which, of course, I am. Since I’m writing this from an internet cafe, though, I think I’ll save the detailed reportage for when I’m in Paris.

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