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Civil Disobedience to Campaign Finance

December 18th, 2003 · No Comments

I often think that if people had to face up to what BCRA really says, and what speech it bans, there would be more outrage about it. That in mind, I think someone ought to take out take out an ad in late October in which someone says the following:

We believe in unfettered political discourse. That’s why we are troubled that Senators McCain and Feingold and Congressmen Shays and Meehan sponsored legislation that restricts political speech when it’s most important, during election season. We also believe that it was wrong for President Bush to sign a law that shows so little regard for fundamental liberties. By the way, this commercial is illegal. Because we’ve spent money to share these views with you, we’ve committed a crime, for which we can be punished under federal law.

Any takers? ACLU, I’m looking in your direction…

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