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Entries from October 2006

Can I At Least Still Sleep With 30-Year-Olds?

October 31st, 2006 · 2 Comments

The blogs have already been having plenty of fun with new guidelines recommending that federal grant money be used to target unmarried 19-to-29 year olds with a message of sexual abstinence. (Which should be a hard sell, since 90 percent of folks in that age range do have sex.) This is offensive enough on its […]

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CEOs Behind the Veil of Ignorance

October 31st, 2006 · 1 Comment

My friend David Kirby passed along an interesting article from the Harvard Business School Web site proposing a novel method of executive compensation. A perennial problem for shareholders is that you want to give your CEO a personal incentive to improve performance by making her compensation dependent upon it in some way. The trick is […]

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Do You Want Us To Win?

October 31st, 2006 · Comments Off on Do You Want Us To Win?

That seems to be the popular question for the less creative among the hawks this week, and I can see why adherents of the Green Lantern Theory of Geopolitics might harbor doubts on this front. Let me put it this way. I would really like to be a seven-foot-tall black point guard for the Pacers. […]

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My Opponent Is Nothing But a Filthy Ethnographer!

October 31st, 2006 · Comments Off on My Opponent Is Nothing But a Filthy Ethnographer!

I hope I’m not giving voters too much credit if I predict that George Allen’s attempt to use scenes from Jim Webb’s novels against him will backfire pretty seriously. When the National Review crew are claiming to be embarrassed by one of their own’s tactics, it can’t bode well, and the polls since this tactic […]

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Who Do They Think They’re Kidding?

October 30th, 2006 · Comments Off on Who Do They Think They’re Kidding?

Senate candidate Michael Steele’s campaign has a new ad out featuring his sister, who seeks to rebut an opponent’s ad (one of those starring Michael J. Fox) attacking him on stem cell research. According to the sister, who reveals that she herself suffers from MS, the other ad falsely claims Steele is opposed to such […]

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Party of Death

October 29th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Photos from this year’s Halloween party are starting to come in. Check ’em out, and be sure to tag yours “partyofdeath” if you have any of your own. Favorite moment of the party (that I recall) incidentally, involved chatting with a girl dressed as David Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane” (one of two Aladdin Sanes, oddly enough), […]

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A Hierarchy of Hierarchies

October 26th, 2006 · 7 Comments

Crooked Timber‘s Henry Farrell disagrees with the core thesis of the Will Wilkinson article on status competition that I linked the other day. Sure, Henry argues, there may be an ever-growing number of associations, activities, and subcultures within which we measure our status, but these are themselves part of a Great Chain of Being along […]

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Just One Problem With That Theory…

October 25th, 2006 · Comments Off on Just One Problem With That Theory…

Ben Adler at TAPped writes: I’ve long been of the opinion, in all seriousness, that Republicans have it in for the disabled. First there is their positioning regarding discrimination against people with disabiilties in the workplace (President Bush, for instance, has repeatedly appointed judges who are extraordinarily hostile to discrimination claims). Then there is their […]

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Tags: Libertarian Theory

It’s Part of the SPECIAL Constitution in my Head!

October 25th, 2006 · Comments Off on It’s Part of the SPECIAL Constitution in my Head!

Reed Hundt at TPMCafe offers a rather odd complaint about gerrymandering: Here’s another idea: you could discuss the outrage that the Supreme Court has endorsed gerrymandering that denies the principle of one person-one vote. Amazing fact: a Democratic margin of more than 10% in the House elections on an aggregate basis isn’t sure to change […]

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Save Me From Myself: Poor Little Yachtsman Edition

October 24th, 2006 · 1 Comment

After one too many mornings where I failed to get my ass up to turn off the alarm, Kerry finally just unplugged my clock radio, so I haven’t caught Maketplace Morning Report in a while. But Don Boudreaux was listening today and caught a doozy of an argument for higher Social Security taxes: But my […]

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