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The Inevitable Top 10 List

December 22nd, 2010 · 11 Comments

I (somewhat hastily) rattled out my 10 favorite albums of 2010 for a GQ musical poll of political “hacks” (hey!), which reveals that there’s at least substantial bipartisan convergence on the FM side of the radio dial. Or would be if people listened to music on the radio anymore. ANYway, for the three of you who care:

Honorable Mention: Broken Bells, “Broken Bells

Incidentally, the album links (except for the Girl Talk, which is free) go to Amazon’s MP3 downloads, which I now notice (too late!) are in most cases substantially cheaper than the iTunes price. Scanning the lists that seemed close to mine, I apparently need to pick up Allo Darlin’s debut & the new Superchunk.

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