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August 20th, 2003 · No Comments

I’m slated to be on Kansas City’s KCMO radio later today talking about Roy Moore and the Ten Commandments monument. More details when I know what time the spot’s due to run; you can listen online here.

Update: The interview should air on their afternoon news program, around 6:20 Eastern time.

Update 2: I thought it went pretty well for the first time out of the gate, though I might’ve been a little smoother if I were still engaged in my full-bore debate geekery on a regular basis. My main points were:

(1) If you look at the ruling on the stay request, it becomes clear that Moore is doing this in order to grandstand: he twice ignored offers to petition for a stay of the order to remove the monument, submitting the request long after the deadline only when it became clear that he wouldn’t get his dramatic stand in the courthouse doors facing down the feds, and that his fellow justices (and state AG Bill Pryor) weren’t going to back him. Pryor knows from experience that a legal loser can be a political winner.

(2) It’s odd to see self-described evangelicals putting so much emphasis on a set of graven images, and

(3) Moore is doing his best to pain himself as the victim here (the King, not the Wallace) and claiming that judges want to “deny God,” when, of course, he’s free to prosyletize on his own time or have his monument in his own office. All they’re demanding is that he not use the power of an office whose legitimacy comes from the public at large, including people of all faiths, to advance and promote his own.

(4) For a judge, of all people, to piss on the rule of law in this way is especially shocking. Judges have no independent enforcement power. The force of the system as a whole depends on lower courts and, finally, police deciding to respect the interpretation of higher courts rather than their own whims.

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