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For Once, Nothing to Say

March 20th, 2003 · No Comments

I haven’t posted on the war because, so far, I don’t have much to say. We lost. Most of the world’s popualtion was against it, and we squeaked out majority support here mostly because folks apparently still wrongly believe there were Iraqis on the 9/11 planes. But it happened anyway, and now there’s not much to do but sit back, watch, and hope it goes as swimmingly as all the hawks have said it will. Of course, if that happens, they’ll (1) be insufferably smug and (2) probably start picking new targets for regime change, but of the range of possible outcomes, irritating bloggers becoming more irritating is low on the list of worries.

Anyway, Brink is pretty much right. There’s no point shaking our fists; the thing is happening. Since the fact is fairly depressing, I don’t expect to say much about this thing until it’s over. So if you’re looking for Iraq updates, try CNN.

I will make one comment, though: does anyone else find it odd that the news reports are saying that, in addition to the 30 or so countries explicitly with us, there are another 12 or so that have “privately” offered support? As in: the governments are pariticipating in a military campaign without, you know, informing their people? Even if it’s only indirect support it seems a little odd. Are they publicly denying participating? Is the U.S. just glad of the company, whether or not the citizenry of the assisting country is decieved about it? Yeah, I know, dumb question…

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