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Awww, Gwan Now…

November 15th, 2002 · No Comments

Brad Gittern at D.C. Blows just put me on his blogroll with the following explanation:

“Notes from the Lounge is a bit of a misnomer, as (much like the Vodkapooper) it sounds like itâ??s all about lazy, sloshy good times. Itâ??s actually about deeper issues and can only be read by people with PhDs and those who are baked out of their gourds. Ever watched the movie Waking Life? Itâ??s kind of like that, but more animated and harder to follow.”

I suppose it does indicate that my writing style could stand to be a touch more transparent, but on the whole, it warmed the spiky ball of steel located where one’s heart is supposed to be. And since there are probably more folks “baked out of their gourds” than PhDs reading this blog, I think “Notes from the Lounge” may make a fair amount of sense after all.

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