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Hot Right-on-Right Cloning Action

September 19th, 2002 · No Comments

So if you’re depraved enough to read this blog with any regularity, you may recall that some weeks back, both Will Wilkinson and I waxed snarky about the 200-proof conservatism of an issue of Doublethink devoted to cloning and genetic technologies. Well, my faith in humanity is restored, because instead of writing off a couple of peeved bloggers, the America’s Future Foundation decided that it would indeed be valuable to have a good conservative/libertarian debate on the subject. They’ve now tentatively scheduled precisely that. I’m not sure how locked-in-stone any of this is, but the current plan is to have Will and myself take on Doublethink editor Justin Torres and National Review writer/editor Ramesh Ponnuru at the Fund for American Studies on October 9th. This, I must say, is pretty cool of them to do. I’m looking forward to being back in the debate saddle, so to speak, with three very sharp folks. Hope to see you there.

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