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Hi, we’re planning an attack. Is 8:00 good for you?

September 18th, 2002 · No Comments

So, in general I’m all in favor of a vigorous press that keeps tabs on what the government is up to. But if, in fact, U.S. Special Forces are massing on the Yemeni border with the intent of doing a “surgical extraction” of al-Qaeda fugitives there (that is, if this isn’t an attempt to misdirect or panic them via disinformation), then isn’t this ABC News piece, well, a little irresponsible? I mean, one would think that the whole idea of a “covert op” entails it being… covert. As in, not on international news websites. It seems like this sort of advance notice could easily jinx the whole affair. Or even — since they decided to announce more or less where the troops are massing — endanger soldiers. But apparently, the U.S. Central Command disagrees, since Fox News has them corroborating the story. So, what’s going on there? It seems unfathomable that this “leaked” without some kind of approval, but it seems equally unfathomable that they’d do that if this were for real.

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