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Sweet Irony

September 13th, 2002 · No Comments

So a progressive/lefty friend and a couple of his comrades are coming down for the Anti-Capitalist Convergence at the end of the month, and crashing at my place. I’m getting a mild kick out of envisioning the conversation that Friday morning.

Julian: [Yawn]… ah, hell, what time is it?

Protest Dudes: Six-thirty. The march against imperialist corporate greed and market tyranny kicks off at seven.

J: Oh, OK. I’m gonna get another hour or two of sleep; we’ve got that big conference on the benefits of privatizing the shit out of everything today. Have fun fighting the power. And give me a call if you convince them to call a halt to that whole “capitalism” thing; I’ve got some stocks I should probably short.

PD: Hmm… not sure I’ve got your number at work, but I’ll just have the black bloc guys wrap a note around one of their rocks before they hurl it through your office window. Anyway, see you tonight. Don’t exploit too many third world babies while we’re out.

J: Right on. See you for drinks at eight.

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