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September 13th, 2002 · No Comments

So, how lame is it that I actually get all the übergeek references in this Onion article, in which someone with an uncanny resemblance to Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons bows out of attending a wedding to catch a marathon of The Prisoner? (As in, I spotted the screen name “muscatis1” as a nod to Angelo Muscat, the actor who played Number Two’s butler. Yeah, that bad.) Still, someone at the Onion must actually be nearly that big a geek in order to have cooked this thing up. I’m damn fond of it myself — when I discovered the show about 2 years ago, I turned into one of those insufferable fresh converts who can’t stop evangelizing about whatever-it-is. I forced numerous people to sit through several episodes in a row. I may have to host a marathon sometime soon… assuming I can bribe anyone to show up.

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