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I’m taking my jurisdiction and going home…

July 16th, 2002 · No Comments

This bill (Word document) would set a disturbing precedent: don’t like how the federal courts have ruled on something? Well, hey, just remove their jurisdiction on that issue — in this case, religious propaganda in the pledge of allegiance. “Separation of powers,” you say? Hell’s bells, man, it’s an election season, no time for fine points like that. The ironic thing is that, in a response to potential objections, the bill’s sponsor more or less acknowledges that, in terms of precedent, the 9th circuit pledge decision was correct, and might not be overturned after all. That’s why Congress needs to “fix” the decision in an overt attempt to exploit the fact that the ignorant-ass public doesn’t like the constitutionally correct decision made by… well, by a Republican appointee, but never mind that. The Democrats are supposed to get the blame anyway. It’s almost enough to make me register to vote so I can cast a ballot for Gore in another couple of years.

Ok, just kidding. It’s not nearly enough. But it’s annoying all the same.

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