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Dateline: Madrid. I got in

March 8th, 2002 · No Comments

Dateline: Madrid. I got in yesterday afternoon, but was so tired and jetlagged (I got about an hour of sleep on the plane) that I immediately conked out. It’s now about 8am spanish time, and I figure I’ll stick around the city until Sunday, then rent a car and drive to the beach house in Oliva Nova (near Valencia). I’ll spend a week or so there, I imagine, doing some writing & relaxing, then decide where-to next. I’d like to get back to paris for a wek or so, since I’ve been there twice and only gotten to spend a few days in the city each time. (I’m watching French TV on my aunt Julita’s satellite box to prepare) It’s a gorgeous place; if only it weren’t socialist and full of French people, I’d move there ASAP.

Looks like I’ve got the internet thing working, so I should have regular (but slow!) access as long as I’m in Spain, at least. More news once I’ve actually done some stuff worth writing about.

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